Branded Gifts for Advertising Your Business


Promotional pens and pencils have long been some of the most beloved promotional items. Most people appreciate good-quality pens and pencils, which makes them great for corporate giveaways too. By choosing writing gifts from us, you get to pick from top brands like Uniball, Bic and Prodir. You also have a wide selection of materials to choose from, like plastic pens, natural wood pens and metal pens – ideal for all budgets.


Our promotional bags are suited for many applications, from executive gifts to conference giveaways. With a huge variety of shapes, sizes and styles, we have exactly what you’re looking for with our fantastic bags at incredible prices. We also offer environmentally friendly items for the eco-conscious consumer. Whether you’re looking for a carrier bag, a laptop bag, a sports bag or a travel bag, we pride ourselves in always meeting your promotional needs.


Our vast selection of promotional clothing is ideal for a wide range of industries and businesses. Who doesn’t love a t-shirt, a polo shirt, a hat or even a suit cover? We offer many items of clothing and accessories in different colours and styles which are perfect to give away at a conference or during a product launch. These items have a large print area and will keep your brand in front of a lot of people.


We stock a large range of notebooks that make powerful promotional gifts which help you to increase your brand awareness. We can also provide you with eco-friendly products, such as our recycled notebooks. You’ll be spoilt for choice with our brilliant items, from notebook and pen sets to branded products, such as Moleskin notebooks. All of our promotional notebooks are premium quality, offer a large print area and are designed to help your marketing efforts.

Technology and Phone

Tech products are always appreciated by everyone, as they are a perceived high-value gift. Our promotional technology and phone items are the ultimate when it comes to quality and easily allow you to add a message, logo or brand. We’re experts in delivering the best in electronics, and that includes powerbanks, chargers, smartwatches, tablets, cameras, Bluetooth speakers and headphones. You can count on us to help you give away superior gifts to your customers.

Drinks Bottles

Our high-quality promotional drinks bottles are incredibly useful and versatile. Not only are they appreciated by everyone, but they also easily allow you to add your own message and to match your brand colours. Choose from a vast range of BPA-free bottles that are safe for water storage and repeated use, such as our sports bottles, fold-up drinks bottles and protein shakers. Perfect as an everyday item or as a conference or summer festival giveaway.


Mugs are among the most popular promotional items, given that everyone uses (and loves) mugs and that they have a large customisable area. Perfect for any marketing campaign, including those where budget is a concern. Our promotional mugs will offer you great value for your investment, so choose from a variety of different styles, colours and prices, including travel mugs, plastic mugs and ceramic mugs. Your branding will look right at home on one of our high-quality mugs.


At Geiger, we provide a wide range of promotional coasters that offer a vast area for customisation, allowing you to easily add your branding and message. From Brite Mat recycled coasters and beer mats to PVC-printed and promotional puzzle coasters, our advertising products will help you to grab the attention of your potential clients – your brand will also be reinforced each time they’re used. All of our promotional coasters are of the highest quality.


Promotional umbrellas are always a popular choice, because they offer a generous print area and can come in several different colours and sizes. They make excellent corporate gifts and can be given away at industry events, product launches and many other special occasions. They can also be used every time the weather isn’t so great, meaning they act as a cost-effective billboard for your brand. From high-quality, reversible umbrellas to mini umbrellas, we’ve got it all at Geiger.

Travel Mugs

Our promotional travel mugs are a fantastic way to promote your business, especially when people are on the go, because you get even more brand exposure. Be it an eco-friendly bamboo travel mug, a thermal mug or a vacuum insulated flask, all of our promotional items offer plenty of space for your branding and can be personalised for your business – let us know what you need, and we’ll get to work.


Promotional badges are suited for a great variety of events and situations. Whether it’s a marketing drive, a company outing, a new product ad or just a goodie bag ‘filler’, badges are fully customisable to match your brand’s personality. At Geiger, we stock metal badges, hard enamel badges, embroidered badges and more. Our promotional items are not just high-quality, they also offer a simple visual appeal at very competitive prices.


Low-cost and multi-use, our keyrings offer you great value for your investment. These branded products are a fantastic choice for trade shows, conferences, events and as corporate gifts and can maximise your brand’s visibility. Promotional keyrings come in different materials, from plastic to metal, and in different sizes, shapes and colours (and you have the option of choosing luxury keyrings too). We’re confident you’ll find the right advertising gift to complement your brand here at Geiger.


With so many styles, colours and sizes of promotional lanyards here at Geiger, we’re confident that you’ll find the perfect item to give away at conferences and industry events. The lanyards you take with you will be seen by a large audience who may become your clients in the future, so you’ll want to get high-quality items designed for a variety of environments. Stand out from the crowd with these promotional items, which are available in eco-friendly versions, as well as charging cables.

Speakers and Headphones

Promotional headphones and speakers are always well-received, no matter where you’re giving them away (or to whom). Capable of being personalised to match your brand and designed to the highest of standards, our brilliant promotional items range from low-cost headphones to luxury speakers and everything in between. Because they’re practical items, they’ll likely be used at the gym, in the office or on the train, ensuring great brand exposure.


The promotional diaries we stock here at Geiger are highly customisable, no matter the message, logo or contact details you wish to add to each item. We always invest in quality too, so you can be confident that your clients will love your advertising products. Choose from our selection of life planners, weekly diaries, A5 desk diaries and more, and you’ll be amazed by what these advertising items can help you to achieve.


Who doesn’t love a freebie, especially if it’s something sweet? At Geiger, we offer a range of promotional sweets that are perfect for any kind of giveaway, no matter the event. Our confectionary options are varied, and you’ll be able to easily pick a great advertising product from our list of mints, sweets and chocolates. From jellybeans and Neapolitans to heart mints and Tic Tacs, all of our edible items can be tailored to your brand and offer great value for money.

jelly bears in a pot


High-quality and sourced from respected global suppliers, our range of promotional calendars includes interactive calendars, pictorial calendars and wall planners. These cost-effective gifts are also durable and long-lasting and offer you a vast print surface for your branding. Whether you’re attending an event or launching a new product, our carefully created advertising items will deliver the visual impact you’re looking for. Get your name out there with our promotional calendars.

Special Offers

We always have special offers going on, so you won’t be disappointed in our selection of promotional products now available at a lower price. Most products on this page are on sale, but some are also about to be discontinued, so let us know which gifts you’re interested in sooner rather than later. With decades of experience in selling promotional items, we can help you to find exactly what you’re seeking for your marketing campaign.

Branded Advertisement Gifts

At Geiger, we don’t just ‘do’ promotional gifts, we live and breathe them! We have been specialists in the customised gift and souvenir industry for over 45 years, supplying exceptional bespoke products to happy customers in both the UK and worldwide.

A Great Range of Products

From charity merchandise to promotional pens, our outstanding range of products is just one of the reasons that our customers choose us to supply their branded gifts.

At Geiger, we believe in supplying high quality, lasting products that will help our clients to make the biggest impact possible in their campaign, working together to supply products that will work as part of an effective branding and marketing strategy.

Whether you are compiling a goodie bag to commemorate a big event for your business or you want to create branded stationery to use in your own office, Geiger can help your brand to stand out for all the right reasons by allowing you to create a bespoke gift that perfectly represents your brand.

An easy process with a simple ordering process and express service and delivery options, getting your gifts from Geiger could not be easier, allowing you to focus on the important things!

Our experts are more than happy to help you find what you need based on your specific requirements. Our friendly sales team will help you during every step of the process, from finding your product to providing you with a direct quote for your order.