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As a family-run business, with over 140 years of continuous trading, we know the value good people bring to our team. As a company we are focused on hiring and developing people who want to be part of our wider family and help further our business, our customers businesses and themselves.

Wherever you are in the world, whenever you meet our team, we aim to make you feel confident that you’re dealing with a reliable partner who is here to help. Our faces may change, as might the locations you meet us but the welcome, professionalism and ‘can-do’ attitude will always remain the same!
Vicky Kinasz
Managing Director

Paul Beirne

Sales Director

Nicole Armstrong

Business Development Manager

Laura Brannan

UK & EU Supplier Relationship Manager

Gary Cable

Client Relationship Director

Renu Pal

Finance Executive

Chloe Churchward

Digital Print Technician

Faye Grant

Account Coordinator

Steven Wickham

Procurement Director

Neel Gohil

Finance Director

Izabella Laszlo

Assistant Manager

Faye Johnson

E-Commerce Manager

Simon Kay

Senior Account Director

Vik Sharma

Warehouse Operative

Nic Marshall

Account Director

Chris Smith

Head of IT

Sonia Thapar

Marketing Manager

Lindsey Bond

Senior Account Director

Billy Lovitt

Warehouse Manager

Katie Williams

Corporate Programmes Assistant Manager

Suzie Kean

Account Director

Chantelle Barry

Design Manager

Andy Friend

Distribution & Facilities Manager

Grant Genes

Senior Account Director

Gina Tofallis

Account Director

Jack Jewell

Account Executive

Sarah Bouette

Account Manager

Luke Hudson

E-Commerce Assistant

Shuail Jusab

Finance Manager

Adele Greenfield

Head of Procurement

Anne Myers

Account Manager

Harpreet Soor

Sales Coordinator

Linda Renowden

Account Coordinator

Michele Painter

Account Coordinator

Zoe Gleeson

Business Development Project Manager

John Beirne

Operations Director