Supplying world-class merchandise and an international web-shop to help promote and protect this iconic global brand.


As one of the largest worldwide vehicle rental companies by sales, locations, and fleet size, Hertz operates in 160 countries across the world and has become one of the most recognised brands in the world.

At every major airport, metropolitan area and tourist destinations the Hertz brand can be seen, providing vehicle rental for consumers and commercial customers whenever they need it.

In a market dominated by famous, international brands, Hertz stands above them all as the definitive name in rental vehicles.
Geiger have been working with Hertz, and their subsidiary brands; Thrift and Firefly since 2017, providing stock ranges and tactical camping support all over EMEA.

We work with the parent company and their individual franchise partners helping to promote (and protect) the brand in whichever location they are across EMEA. As part of our support as a preferred supplier for Hertz promotional merchandise, we supply staff promotion wear, branded display banners and a full range of promotional assets used for local brand activation, engagement campaigns and new location launches.

In 2018 we were asked to work with the team at Hertz to deliver a commemorative century range, celebrating the success and heritage of this iconic brand. As part of the range, we used archive images and logo to develop a modern range of items with a retro feel.

The team continues to work with customers across EMEA, helping to maintain a consistent representation of the brand across different products for use in different culture and in different campaigns. Our online web-stores provide visibility and access for all franchises and help to co-ordinate use of official, approved items and reduce the proliferation of unapproved and inaccurate promotional items.
“Geiger is the official merchandise supplier for Hertz. Our needs are varied and often require a quick turnaround. Geiger have never let us down and can always be relied upon to provide quality merchandise on time and on budget.”

Mark Wileman
Brand Marketing Director
Hertz Europe
As part of the centenary range we developed a custom notebook, which featured a series of iconic retro advert artworks on the cover. Unmistakeably Hertz and a celebration of their brand’s legacy.  “An everyday item, but with a twist” explains Suzie, “these notebooks continue to be sought after and as popular as ever as the use of retro images provide a great way to engage customers new and old, with the brand”.
The Hertz team is led by Suzie Kean, one of our most experienced and diligent account managers. Suzie has worked with the account since they first contracted with Geiger and along with Olivia enjoy a brilliant relationship with all the different franchises across the Hertz network.

“We love working with all the different teams at Hertz, from Iceland to Ireland, Malta and the Middle East, we really get to meet a great mix of people and learn so much about how this global brand remains relevant in every location.” explains Suzie.
Geiger provides retail marketing solutions for a wide variety of different consumer brands across the UK and Europe. Helping to launch products, open new store locations, build awareness of new brands and reward customers for their spend are just some of the ways that we help our customers stay relevant, and get noticed in the hugely competitive consumer environment.

Across retail we supply items to help promote brands, reward customers, motivate colleagues – whether it be gifts with purchase, in-store event displays, branded apparel and even employee welfare packs – if you manage a retail brand or want to get your brand noticed online or instore, we can help develop ideas that will make your brand look great and engage your customers. Please get in touch with our Retail Merchandise Team and let’s discuss how we can help.

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