Rackspace are one of the world’s leading suppliers of cloud based technology solutions, helping facilitate business growth using technology that enables increased efficiency, greater speed and improved security.
Geiger work with the UK-based Rackspace team developing ideas to support their rapid growth. As a global tech pioneer, our brief is always to create new and unique ideas that reflect the brand’s prestige but also its personality. Many campaigns involve fun and excitement as standard. Rackspace has been an early adopter of our kitting solution which includes creating custom packs of merchandise for specific campaigns like new starter packs and back-to-work packs, where custom packages are collated with several different Rackspace branded goodies.

The iconic Rackspace cowbell was a new brief to reflect the announcement of the companies flotation on the New York Stock exchange and has become a much sought-after, custom, must-have piece of merchandise for Rackspace employees and partners. This is indicative of the type of unique items that we are developing with their marketing and internal communications teams.
The plush characters are obviously some of our favourites but equally the towel we’ve developed is fun and functional in one. Whether having a day on the beach or by the pool, the patrons love them and of course, use them on future holidays too becoming an ambassador for Welcome Park wherever they go.
The Rackspace account is managed by Lauren Farrell. One of our newest account managers, Lauren’s enthusiasm for products is infectious and her excitement is shared by the team at Rackspace. Lauren is gaining a reputation for developing exciting, memorable and desirable products that appeal to a wider spectrum of people at Rackspace.
The tech sector is one of the world’s biggest and most demanding users of promotional merchandise. Where huge international brands utilise branded merchandise to help communicate their brand values and personalities to hugely diverse and geographically dispersed audiences. When your product or service is hard to reproduce in a tangible form, merchandise is a great way to physically put your brand into the hands of your customers to help build goodwill and provide a memorable representation of your brand.

As one of the world’s biggest, specialist promotional merchandise suppliers, the team at Geiger have huge experience working with Finance brands who choose to work with us to develop product ideas that are unique to their brand and embody their spirit, brand personality and values. They also chose to work with us because of our ability to supply products of uncompromising quality in a discreet, secure and reliable manner.

Our product development team excel at understanding a brand’s communication goals and profiling their customers to develop ideas that look and feel right and result in the correct reaction when presented to their customers, colleagues and key contacts. We also recognise the cultural differences of an international audience and are adept at creating ranges that are attractive to use anywhere in the world.

Our expertise in responsible sourcing from reputable, audited factories is a huge attraction for businesses in this sector too, who often use our credentials and our products to help contribute and promote their own sustainability initiatives.

With great product ideas, from sustainable sources, flexible buying quantities, fast reaction times and an outsource service that requires minimal client involvement if necessary, we have a proven solution that finance businesses value.

If you work in the tech sector and would like to find out more about working with Geiger – please get in touch with our Tech Merchandise Team and let’s discuss how we can help.

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