Tesco is one of the world’s largest grocery stores with operations across the UK and Europe and more than 345,000 colleagues, serving customers everyday with groceries, clothing, household items, finance solutions, tele communications and more.

With one of the world’s most recognisable brands, a beacon for value and quality, Tesco is recognised as one of the most influential marketing teams the UK.
As Tesco’s preferred supplier of promotional marketing assets, Geiger provide tactical campaign support to help promote in-store brand campaigns, new store openings and internal initiatives. From balloons, bunting and banners, to badges and promotional apparel, we provide a huge array of branded merchandise, all designed and manufactured to the highest of standards that you would expect for one of the UK’s most recognised brands. Our ability to decorate on demand, internally, with fast turnaround times, provides Tesco with the flexibility to react to news events, and launch nationwide campaigns quickly and consistently, to keep the brand relevant and agile to the ever changing conditions, and of course, we offer fantastic value and best-in-class assurances from our supply chain, as you might expect from one of the world’s most capable and diligent procurement teams.

Fast, flexible and secure service are hallmarks of how we continue to serve this standard bearer in consumer marketing in the UK.
With every store manager having the autonomy to design their own launch campaigns, our dedicated account team work individually with every team to help deliver an exceptional experience for colleagues and customer alike. Led by Victoria Ferrer, one of our most experienced account directors who has vast experience working with blue chip consumer brands, the team liaise with each location to design and deliver a suite of engaging in-store marketing assets, as well as upholding integrity and values of the central brand guidelines. “Every day is different working with Tesco, it’s such a recognised brand and we work hard to make sure we help deliver what customers expect from the brand but also continue to offer new and different ideas to delight and extend their experience – we have so much fun working with the whole team at Tesco at Head Office and in-stores.” explains Victoria.
Geiger provide retail marketing solutions for a wide variety of different consumer brands across the UK and Europe. Helping to launch products, open new store locations, build awareness of new brands and reward customers for their spend are just some of the ways that we help our customers stay relevant, and get noticed in the hugely competitive consumer environments.

Across retail we supply items to help promote brands, reward customers, motivate colleagues – whether it be gifts with purchase, in-store event displays, branded apparel and even employee welfare packs – if you manage a retail brand or want to get your brand noticed online or in-store, we can help develop ideas that will make your brand look great and engage your customers.

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