A new way of thinking

So together we can minimise the impact on our planet

Geiger Green is our way of recognising the importance of focusing on being a proactive company with the will to improve how we operate and what we supply in the course of our trading relationships.
Under the banner of Geiger Green, we incorporate the whole spectrum of reducing our environmental footprint and improving the conduct and working practices of our supply chain, to ensure that collectively our commercial activities do less harm to the planet and the global community.

In order to develop a culture and a consciousness of the need to change, we have presented our beliefs and our plans as a specific strategy, we call it the Geiger Sustainability Pledge as part of our commitment to the planet’s health we have also partnered with Ecologi to monitor and manage our environmental footprint as we work towards becoming a Carbon neutral organisation. You can find out more about our progress here:

We’re proud to be partnering with Ecologi. More than simply tree planting, we invest in projects to help offset the impact of our commercial activities.

No. of Trees Planted
tonnes of CO2e avoided
We are an ambitious and growing company but we want to grow in a responsible way that meets the needs of today without depriving the ability of future generations to do the same. The coming years are crucial if we are to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations and as a leader in our industry and signatory to the UN Global Compact, we are committed to playing our part.

Our vision is clear:

To ensure our products and services make a positive contribution to the sustainable development of our people, organisation and planet.

There is not one easy solution to fix everything but within our own sphere of influence there are areas where we can make a genuine difference and help reduce the environmental impact of our activities.

We can influence our own operations, our supply chain, the products and packaging we place on the market, the manufacturing methods used to produce them and what happens to them at end of life. We will continuously review and consider our use of resources for products and packaging, our chemical management policy, the management of waste in our operation and our supply chain, how we can reduce air pollution and our carbon footprint and demand safe working environments in the lower tiers of the supply chain.
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Steve Wickham, Procurement Director at Geiger, introduces our new Sustainability Pledge, and what it means.

Our Sustainability Pledge covers the following 4 pillars,

which consider the full product journey; Product Design, Packaging; Manufacturing and Operations.

Product Design

To ensure our products have the smallest possible environmental footprint, our product design and promotion strategy considers raw material selection; waste avoidance; recyclability and durability of every product we supply.


Our strategy is to reduce the amount of unnecessary packaging for our products, whilst carefully considering the material for the packaging we do need and working with vendors to make it lighter, smaller and reusable or recyclable where possible.


Transparency in our supply chain is key to ensure we have visibility of production processes and are able to avoid the most polluting practices. We are also working with vendors to avoid harmful chemicals and Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC); reduce use of resources and ensure waste and emissions are managed.


Internally, we are recycling 100% of recyclable waste material and samples from our distribution centre; tracking our energy usage and carbon footprint for high value orders; avoiding unnecessary travel and partnering with local service providers to minimise carbon footprint.

By 2025 we are committing to the following targets:

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We encourage customers to be bold with product selection; be responsible with requirements for tenders and briefs; consider the environmental impact of the products given to their own employees and consumers who are increasingly passionate on sustainability.
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Hear our Account Director Cat, discuss her personal approach to Sustainable Sourcing.