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Welcome Family is an independently owned and family-run holiday park, welcoming families and guests from all over the world to their wonderful Devon location. Famed for its family orientated offering, the holiday park is packed with affordable accommodation, swimming pools, indoor and outdoor facilities and a comprehensive entertainment centre.

Welcome Family is situated just a short walk away from Dawlish Warren nature reserve and awarding winning beach which makes it a fantastic base for exploring the local area.

Geiger began working with the team at Welcome when they asked for help in sourcing plush toy versions of their iconic characters. This initial enquiry broadened to include a full suite of branded merchandise to remind customers of their stay and stretches from children’s games and toys, car accessories (most customer drive to the park for vacation) and customer welcome packs.

“It’s a really fun brand to work on” explains Lauren, Account Manager, “the team are really enthusiastic and wants to ensure that the products we provide are unique and fun…but of course we also have to make sure they’re 100% safe too, especially when small children are the recipients in many cases. This requires the input and collaboration of the whole team to ensure what we design is desirable to their patrons but also safe. A lot of compliance testing is completed on every product we supply.”

The plush characters are obviously some of our favourites but equally the towel we’ve developed is fun and functional in one. Whether having a day on the beach or by the pool the patrons love them and of course, use them on future holidays too becoming an ambassador for Welcome Park wherever they go.
The Welcome account is managed by Lauren Farrell. One of our newest account managers, Lauren’s enthusiasm for products is infectious and her excitement is shared by the team at Welcome as well as their patrons, but the compliance side is where Lauren really excels, ensuring every piece is checked, inspected and tested before use.
Geiger provide retail marketing solutions for a wide variety of different consumer brands across the UK and Europe. Helping to launch products, open new store locations, build awareness of new brands and reward customers for their spend are juts some of the ways that we help our customers stay relevant, and get noticed in the hugely competitive consumer environments.

Across retail we supply items to help promote brands, reward customers, motivate colleagues – whether it be gifts with purchase, in-store event displays, branded apparel and even employee welfare packs – if you manage a retail brand or want to get your brand noticed online or inshore, we can help develop ideas that will make your brand look great and engage your customers. Please get in touch with our Retail Merchandise Team and let’s discuss how we can help.

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