Digital Solutions

We work with our customers to develop solutions
that best fit their requirements.

We use our extensive experience, learning from all of the customers that we’ve worked with, to develop a suite of fully-customisable digital solutions that are cost effective, secure and more environmentally friendly.

Our digital stores are developed by our in-house teams and can accurately reflect your brand aesthetics to provide a seamless online experience from your existing online presence. Internally visible, as custodians of your brand, we’ll ensure that we respect your brand guidelines as much in the promotion and presentation of your product range, as when featured on the products themselves.

Digital stores can be fully transactional, with different payment options or for browsing only. We can tailor access to different tiers, with multi-lingual interfaces and multiple currencies. Our team will work with you to develop exactly what you need to promote your range and the services along with your extended team. The digital stores often act as a beacon for our services to your stakeholders.

Safe, secure and convenient digital retail solutions from Geiger!

To find out more about our digital stores, click here to view our demonstration video or email to request an online video demo from one of our account team.

Shop sites

Our shop sites are the centre-point of our corporate programmes solution. Favoured by large, multi location brands, our flexible and scaleable online stores offer customers a fully customisable online retail experience. Designed to complement a brand’s existing digital resources, the online experience provides detailed access to a wide range of product categories and ancillary services. To find out more get in touch with our team for a demo.

Order Consolidation Sites

Digital pop up stores have become increasingly popular with customers who want an online retail solution for specific events or campaigns. Allied with our ability to create comprehensive ranges, with sophisticated branding in manageable minimums, our digital pop up stores are ideal for brand owners who want maximum impact with minimum stock exposure and a comprehensive range of product options.

To find out more get in touch with our team for a demo.

Online Order Forms

These Instant Merchandise Shops are used by customers who want a fast, online ordering service. Used for fast turnaround campaigns, our online order forms provide our customers with a simple solution to collate orders from individuals, in a secure environment. Fast, simple and with zero stock wastage.

To find out more get in touch with our team for a demo.