Helping to ensure consistent brand expression and high-quality assets across Europe.

Intersnack are one of the world’s largest producers of savoury snacks, operating internationally in virtually every territory across the world. Intersnack owns over 30 of the world’s most recognisable consumer snack brands.

Behind its portfolio of consumer brands, the group operates in over 30 countries globally and employs a diverse, responsible and innovative team who seek to deliver culturally diverse and relevant consumer brand campaigns whilst upholding the Intersnack core brand values in their daily operations.
As a relatively new approved vender, our remit is to quickly immerse ourselves in the Intersnack brand and culture to help deliver internal campaign assets designed to promote the Interbrand brand philosophy and also to engage all individual consumer brand teams, to design support materials for their local brand activation campaigns.

This hugely complex, international account, requires both internal and externally facing campaign assets, providing an array of different support materials and delivering a wide variety of campaign messages in different languages too.

Working with each autonomous brand team, our goal is to provide seamless dedicated support and enable the group to benefit from a consolidated procurement strategy – where online order tools, order aggregation / group buying windows and flexible decoration strategies are helping to streamline the procurement process via a portfolio of compliant, audited supply chain partners, improved brand control and asset quality and delivering group-wide cost savings.

We have successfully deployed our Pop Up shop solution which launches new product ideas every 2 weeks for consolidating company-wide spend into a range of approved items, with flexible decoration options to provide local differentiation and brand autonomy.
With every brand manager having the autonomy to design their own marketing campaigns in each territory, our dedicated account team work individually with every team to help deliver an exceptional experience for colleagues and customer alike. Led by Victoria Ferrer, one of our most experienced account directors who has vast experience working with blue chip consumer brands, the team liaise with each brand team as well as the central brand team, to supply flexible marketing materials that meet strict quality guidelines and provide flexible decoration options – all available via our online shopping tools.

“Intersnack is one the world’s biggest consumer brands, that you might not have ever heard of” explains Victoria. “Their consumer brands are household names in every territory that they operate, and have strong emotional connections to their customers – the team and I see it as a great responsibility to help support these brands as well as delivering value or internally and externally to continually promote the extraordinary high standards they they and their customers expect.”
Geiger provide retail marketing solutions for a wide variety of different consumer brands across the UK and Europe. Helping to launch products, open new store locations, build awareness of new brands and reward customers for their spend are just some of the ways that we help our customers stay relevant, and get noticed in the hugely competitive consumer environments.

Across retail we supply items to help promote brands, reward customers, motivate colleagues – whether it be gifts with purchase, in-store event displays, branded apparel and even employee welfare packs – if you manage a retail brand or want to get your brand noticed online or instore, we can help develop ideas that will make your brand look great and engage your customers.

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