Creativity is more than just
developing good ideas in our experience.

We work with all of our customers to fully understand their brand, their people and their communication goals, as well as their audiences so that our teams can appreciate the individual nuances of each customer and develop marketing assets that hit the mark in every way.

In our world, a creative solution is more than just how we apply a logo or graphic, it’s about developing products that convey more than words in their style, the materials that they’re made from, the packaging (or lack of), the colours, smell, dimensions and of course fundamental performance. There are so many ways that using promotional merchandise can help build emotional bonds with an audience over and above the actual branding. We even advise our customers on how and when an item might be presented to ensure that when received, the item is appreciated, valued and retained.

As they say the devil is in the detail and our teams work with our customers to ensure the right product, branded intelligently, is used at the right time and presented in the right way to maximise impact!

Creative thinking is at the heart of what we do at Geiger to help ensure your brand marketing is successful and your invested budget is optimised every time.

  • We take time to understand our customer’s brand guidelines so that we can help protect its integrity across their business. We become ‘logo-cops’ for our customers’ merchandise!
  • We embrace our customer’s brand personality and that of their customers, so we can develop ideas that best represent who they are, what they want to say and which will be easily recognised by their audiences.
  • We seek to collaborate with Marketing teams to understand their brand communication strategy and how promotional merchandise can help to facilitate the messages that our customers want to promote.


If you’d like to work with a company and a team that shares your passion for your brand and won’t just deliver conventional ideas but will go the extra mile to discover new ideas that will differentiate your brand, your marketing and delight your customers, then get in touch and let’s begin a discussion on how we can help!