Bowel Cancer UK

Bowel Cancer UK

Developing merchandise to help this amazing charity grow their profile and awareness of their eduction, fundraising and patient support campaigns.

As the UK’s leading bowel cancer charity, Bowel Cancer UK are determined to save lives and improve the quality of life of everyone affected by bowel cancer.

They provide expert information and support for everyone affected by bowel cancer, providing an online forum for people to talk about their experiences, share their knowledge and support each other.

They campaign for early diagnosis and access to best treatment and care to help improve survival and quality of life for those with advanced bowel cancer and to improve early diagnosis by ensuring people are getting the right test at the right time.
Geiger have been working with Bowel Cancer UK for over 4 years and have supported their incredible work and campaigns with a mix of traditional merchandise, event support and some custom designed items too.

As a brand battling for visibility like all charities, we are ever-conscious of the need to develop product ideas that showcase the logo and colours in a memorable and attractive way. Our product suggestions seek to embody the values of the brand and hard work of the charity in every way.

As a charity, our focus in particular is targeting items that will promote the brand, in high quality assets that are available at great prices.
“We have worked with Geiger for the last 4 years as one of our main charity merchandise suppliers. Suzie and the team have been fantastic, always going above and beyond to get the best unit prices without comprising on product quality. We have designed bespoke items with their help, and have been really happy with the end result. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others.”

Charlie Adams – Senior Merchandise Officer, Bowel Cancer UK
Simple, attractive, unique and undeniably theirs, the custom pin badge we developed for Bowel Cancer UK is perfect in every way, helping to promote the charity and to recognise the contribution of ambassadors of the charity.

“It’s such a simple but beautiful pin badge that means so much, when worn by donors and helpers alike to recognise their contribution but also to promote the charity to anyone who sees the pin for the first time” explains Suzie.
Today the team is led by Suzie Kean, one of our most experienced and diligent account managers. Suzie has worked with the account since they first contracted with Geiger and enjoys a brilliant relationship with the team at Bowel Cancer UK, helping to support their great work with great branded assets.

“The team and I really do care about this account, and seeing all of the hard work of the team at Bowel Cancer UK and what they do every day to help raise awareness and vital funds for this charity, you can’t help but get emotionally connected to what we’re trying to do, which is develop products that can help grow the visibility of the brand and recognise the vital contributions of helpers, volunteers, donors and the care teams” explains Suzie – Account Director.
As one of the world’s biggest, specialist promotional merchandise suppliers, the team at Geiger have huge experience working with charitable organisations who choose to work with us to help promote their campaigns and raise vital funds.

Our approach to responsible sourcing from reputable, audited factories is a huge attraction for charities that need to rely on our reputation to protect theirs. As well as using our creative and procurement teams to develop wonderful product ranges, our account management teams help coordinate the marketing and distribution to wherever the goods are needed in a process that is as simple as possible for our customers.

Often we create online e-stores to help promote available product catalogues too and to enable individual locations to order what they need, when they need it. With great product ideas, from sustainable sources, flexible buying quantities, fast reaction times and an outsource service that require minimal client involvement if necessary, we have a proven solution that charities value.

If you work with or run a charity organisation and would like to find out more about working with Geiger – please get in touch with our Charity Merchandise Team lets discuss how we can help.
Bowel Cancer UK

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