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Promotional gifts are already extremely versatile tools, but some items are flexible even by these standards. Promotional calculators are a great example of this, as with a few design variants they can serve as novelty items just as easily as they can represent functional tools. Because the industries that commonly use calculators, such as the educational sector, tend to need them regularly, the branding on these items will constantly be in someone’s eye-line to great effect.

Available in a Wide Range of Shapes & Sizes

To suit a range of needs, our promotional calculators come in all shapes and sizes. We stock designs that range from novelty water powered branded calculators or bendy calculators, ideal for reaching younger audiences, to super slim solar powered printed calculators for a more executive environment. Calculators are also frequently used by large numbers of people in the same building, and are just as often left idle in full view, so these products can really work wonders when it comes to your branding.

Complement Your Promotional Calculator with Our Other Gifts

Alongside our branded calculators we also offer a plethora of other promotional gifts and we only stock the very best promotional gifts that have been proven to succeed time and time again. We’ve been supplying quality promotional gifts for decades, so to say that we have a gift to cater for any requirement would actually be an understatement.

Whether you need a batch of promotional calculators or promotional pens, here at Geiger we’re here to help however we can. We’re always ready to talk to you in person as well, and the excellence of our service has satisfied our customers time and again.