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Earth Day 2024 – taking responsibility

Published: April 22, 2024

Today is Earth Day. A day when we pause and consider the health of our planet and how we can all contribute to its wellbeing.  It’s a big deal for us at Geiger and something we’ve been working very hard to incorporate into our daily lives, here in the UK and around the world.

sustainable promotional merchandise this earth day from Geiger promotional products

There are lots of opinions and claims made about sustainability and ecology and the damaging impact of greenwashing on the real progress that’s being made.

At Geiger, we value the integrity of our actions and our claims. Our teams are working hard to deliver the commitments made in our sustainability pledge – in summary:

  • to reduce use of non sustainable materials in the products that we supply,
  • increase use of recycled, recyclable, and reusable materials,
  • use less packaging overall and where necessary more sustainable materials,
  • adopt lower impact practices in our supply chain and fulfilment processes,
  • use less energy and fuel across our entire spectrum of operations

…and in pursuit of our committed goals, seek, adopt and raise awareness of new innovations that can help reduce the impact of our activities; at work, at home and at play, on our planet.

If you want to adopt more sustainable marketing ideas in your business, get in touch and let’s see how we can help.

You can read our Sustainability Pledge document here. It’s a detailed account of the work that our teams are adopting to improve our credentials as a reliable sustainable source for promotional merchandise.

Geiger Promotional Products Sustainability Pledge

Our Sustainability Pledge provides direction for our activities and achievements. Our latest report on our progress is now live and can be seen here.

We’re proud of the progress that we’re making and passionate about continuing the improvements that we make.

sustainable operations from geiger promotional products
As a result of our Pledge, and the improvements that have been made, we’ve achieved Platinum status with EcoVadis. An accreditation that puts in the top 1% of businesses across the world for the progress that’s been made.

Our colleagues at Firebrand have no also achieved the same level of accreditation. Our colleagues at Geiger in the USA are on their way too, currently awarded the Gold standard. Find out more here.

sustainable product ideas from geiger promotional products

Essential to our progress is our commitment to supplying products that have legitimate accreditations of being ’sustainable’. This categorisation can be earnt in various ways, including:

  • using more sustainable materials in fabrication
  • using easily disposable materials after use
  • using minimal or no packaging
  • manufactured in local sources to minimise the impact of transportation

We include a sustainable option / alternative in every new customer quote. This provides a sustainable choice for our customers and regularly promotes new, sustainable products ideas. To view our latest sustainable collection click here.

If you’re keen to work with a supplier who prioritises sustainable actions and promotes legitimate sustainable product ideas, get in touch with our team.

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