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How to make your event more sustainable

Published: November 30, 2023

We are the Sustainable Event Experts!

A common enquiry for our teams at the moment is…

  • How can I make my event more eco?
  • What can I do to make my event more sustainable?


Our teams are experts in designing and sourcing sustainable ideas for our customers.

So much so that we now host our own customer event focussing entirely and exclusively on sustainable promotional merchandise – we call it Geiger Green Live! watch a showreel here: 

There are now countless options available for customers to reduce the environmental impact of an event – so much so that in our own category of expertise, merchandise, the eco options are no longer considered alternatives, and are in fact now the primary options for many brands.

The choice of venue, available transport links, food and refreshment options are all contributing factors that can be considered, there are some pretty amazing sustainable merchandise options too. Some of our current favourites are listed below.

1. The seed paper lanyard / pass holder
This wonderful innovation provides all the function of a traditional lanyard or security pass holder, great printing for event branding or instructions … and then after use can be planted to create a wild flower, flower display. The compostable paper is infused with seeds! So it performs as intended for your event, then delivers a positive post-event eco message that will get everyone talking!

2. Sustainable name badges
Identification badges are common place at events. From handwritten stickers to plastic pockets with printed paper inserts are common place – but there are also some amazing sustainable options made from wood and recycled materials that perform their primary task of identification but also send out a visible eco message too!

3. Recyclable coffee cups
There are many options for plastic free or recyclable drinks bottles and mugs, but our current absolute favourite are these wonderful reusable cups from a great brand, Circular & Co! Promoting the ethics of circular economics – these mugs are intended for use at event refreshment stands, by far the biggest consumer of drinkware, so that any drinks sold or provided are in a cup that can be reused again and again. A great ideas to think beyond giveaways and consider the wider delivery aspects of an event.

4. Eco apparel and uniforms
When considering what your teams wear at events there are endless options for stand staff, event support staff and security! With so many options made from sustainable organic materials, there’s no need to compromise on comfort, style, colour or function.

5. Fabric based backdrops and banners
Backdrops and banners are a huge part of any event – and unfortunately are often used singularly for one event. We now supply a range of printed materials on recycled or recyclable fabrics that means that even if the design only lasts for one event, the fabric can be used over and over again!

So when planning your next event our advice is that you no longer have to compromise to fulfil your business’s sustainability commitments and in fact by working with our expert teams, you can actually add value and purpose to your event by emphasising steps that you have taken to improve the sustainability of your event and marketing.

Get in touch with our experts to find out more and let us help create a unique, sustainable environment at your next event or party.

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